Want to write an

extraordinary story?


Well, we go together like mac and cheese and tabasco…

I’ll be the C.S. Lewis to your Tolkien, and help you take your story from shoved-in-a-drawer-and-forgotten to haunting-readers-long-after-the-last-page

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Like Miracle Grow for your writing life…

You aren’t interested in publishing just another Amazon ebook. You want to write an outstanding book like Pride and Prejudice, Narnia, or Daring Greatly.

But you have no idea how to do that…

You bring the story and I bring the skills.

Hey there hey! I’m your new writing mentor and bestie! Turns out we aren’t born knowing how to write a truly wonderful story. (Who knew, right?) You’ve got a story to tell and you want to tell it well, but you don’t really know how to make it the noteworthy, wonderful, stirring story you want it to be.

You are right where you need to be.

I give you the tools to tell a story that is wonderful, exceptional, and compelling, along with a heavy dose of encouragement and a one-two punch to your inner critic (but then we sit your inner critic in the corner and give it a snack so it won’t be sad).



Years of giving writing Feedback

I’ve been giving feedback to writers like you for over four years on everything from nonfiction to memoir to fantasy to contemporary YA.


writers in the last year

I’ve provided feedback to 36 writers in the last year alone. You’ll be in good company!


Writers currently working with me

I’m currently working with six clients on a weekly basis (though I often do one off projects with writers as well—see my services page for more details). I only have space for two more so if you are interested in weekly coaching, jump on it!


Get the FREE guide: Four Essential Steps to Finishing Your Book

Tired of always wanting to write but never writing? Tired of having that nagging feeling that you want to finish your book, but never making it happen?

I hear you loud and clear. Writing is a long game and many articles and blog posts don't address this, offering quick fixes and suggestions that are good in theory but difficult in practice.  

But there is a method that can get you results--not instant ones, because easy come, easy goand you get what you pay for (and other proverbial truths that you already know). Instead of putting out quick fixes, I've created a four step process to finishing your book that will actually get you across that coveted finish line.

It's simple, but not easy. Effective, but not quick.

Most importantly it can be completely tailored to your specific writing situation. Click here to get the Four Essential Steps to Finishing Your Book. These are the steps I use with my clients that get them from random jumble of chapters and plot summaries to completed book.


From disorganized jumble of ideas to cohesive first draft

“Thanks to Ashly, I went from a disorganized manuscript to a cohesive first draft. Ashly provided excellent support and honest, constructive feedback.”

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Let’s Get to Work

Ready to stop playing at your writing and start taking it seriously? I’m over here doing a happy dance for you because this is where it gets fun! (FYI, my happy dance looks like a scarecrow dancing to Miles Davis…it’s so sexy.)

Here’s what we can do together:


Finish Your First Draft

Struggling to get your first draft done? Tired of getting halfway through and then getting completely stuck? Join Drafted, a group coaching experience designed to lead you through the process of finishing your draft alongside other writers.

Revise Your Story

Nailed the first draft, but unsure where to start with your revisions? Overwhelmed at the thought of making your story the best it can be? Work with me through a full manuscript revision or weekly coaching so you can confidently finish your revision.

Make Writing a habit

Struggle to make writing a habit? Take the Build Your Writing Life online course. It’s full of practical ways to fit writing into your real life—without waking up at 5 am and swearing off TV for the rest of your life.