Confidently telling your friends that you’re a writer--and NOT cringing when they ask what your book is about.

No longer wondering if your hubby was lying to you when he told you your book was “the next Harry Potter!”

No more daydreaming about finally, actually, really finishing your first draft--you’ve moved on to daydreaming about inboxes jammed with requests from agents for your full manuscript.

This could be you.

Yeah, I know. You’re a mom and you work or have five kabillion kids (er, maybe just a few) or both. None of that is what’s getting in the way of your writing. What’s getting in the way is your self doubt. The feeling that YOU couldn’t possibly be a REAL writer.

PLUS: Your lack of knowing where to start, what to do in the middle--and oh good heavens I have to figure out a way to wrap this thing up?!


Hey! I'm Ashly!

I’m a book coach for fiction writers who want to tell an exceptional story. Some people call me a story midwife, and hey, that’s a pretty accurate title because I work with writers who want to bring extraordinary stories to life, but can’t bring their story into the world on their own (which is all writers, if we’re being honest).

I give them the tools to tell a story that is wonderful, exceptional, and compelling, along with a heavy dose of encouragement and a one-two punch to their inner critic (but then we sit their inner critic in the corner and give it a snack so it won’t be sad). Then I give them the feedback they need on their story--not the stuff they want to hear, the stuff they need to hear to make their story GREAT.


What makes me qualified to help you tell a stupendous story? I’m a six on the enneagram, so I think you’re quite smart for asking this. I also take immense pride in my integrity, so I want to be crystal clear about my qualifications and why you can have confidence when you work with me.

Here’s my street cred:

  • I have a BA in English from the University of Arizona with a focus in literature.

  • I’ve been working as a book coach and doing freelance editing for two years.

  • I have three years of experience teaching high school English (two of which included upper level courses and AP training), which gave me lots of experience providing feedback to writers in a way that was encouraging and inspiring--but also effective.

  • I’m an Author Accelerator certified book coach.

  • I’m part of the exclusive team of coaches over at Author Accelerator (which means I had to take THREE different tests to prove I know how to give feedback, how stories work, and how to help a writer improve their work -- and that was just to get an interview with them! Trust me when I say they only hire the best. I know that’s tooting my own horn --ahem, pardon me--but it’s also just the truth). You can read my bio on their website here.


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About Me (The Fun Version)

~ My favorite food is homemade mac and cheese with tabasco sauce

~ I’m a hufflepuff. We are the most underrated house and our common room is like a hobbit hole. Also we are nice. What’s better than that?

~ I love wine tasting. It’s one of my fave things to do with my husband or with a few girlfriends.

~ I love anything British: Benedict Cumberbatch, HP, Sherlock Holmes, Jane Austen, tea in real teacups, Benedict Cumberbatch, double decker busses, Heinz beans, Charles Dickens. (If you are still reading this list I heart you.)

Wanna hang out and chat about your book?

Schedule your FREE 30 minute brainstorm with me. We can talk about where and why you are STUCK in your writing process--or you can just brag to me about how awesome your book is!


About Me (The Serious Version)

~ I’m forever in awe of the way Jesus chases me down and pours his love and grace on me even when I run so hard in the opposite direction.

~ I’m married to my best friend and we have a daughter who fills our life with laughter and makes us a family.

~ It took me years to embrace my calling to be a writer and to start seriously pursuing that dream. Now I want to make sure that every writer who crosses my path is pointed down the path of really going for it this time.

Working with Ashly was great because I could tell she really understands and cares about what it feels like to be a writer struggling to actually write.
— Molly Brumfield