A Peek at My Nanowrimo Survival Toolkit

Ink and Grace Blog Nanowrimo Survival Toolkit

Nanowrimo prep season is upon us and I'm super excited to make a huge dent in my rough draft this November. Here's a look at the tools I'm gathering right now in preparation for the most wonderful time of the year.

My Nanowrimo Survival Toolkit for 2017

  • A writing buddy or two (find me on Nanowrimo! My username is Ashill).

  • Starbursts and Skittles

  • Story Genius for when I get stumped on a scene or need inspiration on plotting

  • Writing Down the Bones when I need to remember that the best way to learn to write is just to do it

  • Blank notebook for plotting, world building, etc…

  • New pens, because it’s fun

  • Stickers related to my story (because stickers don’t stop being motivating after grade school)

  • Mood board/Pinterest board for novel

  • Map of book world

  • Writing playlist

  • A simple calendar to chart word count progress

  • Plot outline on real 3x5s (real paper trumps screen sometimes)

  • Copious amounts of tea and coffee

  • A goblet for drinking my victory wine


Action Items:

- Create your own list in preparation for Nanowrimo.

- Find me on the Nano website and let's be writing buddies!

- Share in the comments what's in your Nanowrimo survival kit.

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