The Truth About Sharing Your Writing

Spoiler alert: this post is all about how you should share your writing. Not all of it. I know there are some pieces I've written that no living thing should ever lay eyes on. But some of it. The stuff that you read and feel a small secret delight in; the ones that you really would like to talk to someone about.

I know why you haven't shared it my friend. You are scared out of your wits. You are scared people won't like it, scared people will criticize you, scared you will get no response, scared people won't understand you, scared you will later be embarrassed --

--- scared, scared, scared.

Of course you're scared. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't share your writing.

Here is a secret: Hoarding your writing makes you want to hoard your writing. Sharing your writing makes you want to share your writing. You get what you give.

For years I kept buried files on my computer labeled "Musings" or "Journal" or "Ashly's Writing." I never shared any of it with anyone. And you know what? That writing never did anything for me. Sometimes I'd reread it and chuckle a little, or get a tiny self-confidence boost because hey, I'm actually a decent writer. But mainly all it did was collect digital dust (which is not a thing, but in a metaphor it's okay to make stuff up).

Then I started a blog. Sigh. It was so 2003 of me. And I think I had all of 3 readers because I was too scared to actually tell anyone I had a blog. But a few people found out. And it started conversations. Nothing earth shattering, but fun, friendly chatter about books and ideas and dreams. 

I could go on about how sharing your writing is important because words are meant to be shared, it's how we connect, it's how we know we are all a beautiful mess inside. But let's not get too serious here. Just share your writing because you are alive and you have ideas and because you can. Share it because its fun and adventurous. Share it with open hands, expect nothing, and watch your heart fill as your words finally become bigger than you.

At the end of the day, we are all tiny, normal humans. And isn't that amazing enough?

This is Part One in a three-part series about sharing your writing. Part Two will be all about the lies you're believing -- and how to get rid of them for good. 


To support you in sharing your writing, I created a Sharing Your Writing Worksheet. It's three pages of soul-searching questions and a mini-action plan.

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