4 Places to Share Your Writing Today

Waiting is for the birds. If you head on over to my resources page, I have an ever-growing list of places to submit your writing. Definitely go over there and pick a few places to submit your work. But I want you to see some fruit from sharing your writing today

There are only two rules:

1. Share without expectation. Of course you hope your words will be well-received. But don't expect it. Share your words for no other purpose, with no other goal, than just to get them out there. This is a way to short circuit disappointment and the tail-spin of self-doubt if everyone in the whole world doesn't jump for joy at your words (not that I've ever done that...ahem, moving on).

2. Share something that you don't feel vulnerable about. There will be a day to share your deepest darkest secrets or that poem about how you are still scared of the dark even though you are a grown-up. But it is not this day. Share something you can handle other people seeing and commenting on.

Are you ready? Let's do this.

1. Leave it on a park bench.

This is the most fun and possibly the easiest because you can leave it anonymously, but you have this little secret flame inside that whispers to you all day long somewhere someone is reading my words. It's special and warming and childlike. So leave it on a bench, or at the airport, or under a rock on a hike. If you want, add an email address for fun or send the person to your blog so they can tell you they found it. Or just leave it and you can imagine that your words changed the course of someone's life and studiously avoid wondering if the wind blew it into a ditch before anyone read it.

2. Share your writing on Instagram and use the hashtags #artstew52 and #sharingyourwritingwithinkandgrace.

Art Stew 52 is a group of artists who are collectively making art based on a common prompt each week. Then we all share our art and we exclaim over how beautiful and wonderful it is. It's the kindest, most encouraging community I've ever met. If you post with their hashtag, get ready to feel the love. Similarly, Ink & Grace exists to fill you up as a writer. I would love to read your writing and send you all the emojis my thumbs can find that speak appreciation and enjoyment of your words.

3. Do a guest blog post for a friend.

It's 2017, so chances are you know at least one person with a blog. Ask if you can write a guest post  - and maybe return the favor and let her post one on your blog. Getting your words in front of new readers is exhilarating and stretches your sharing-your-writing muscles.

4. Have a reading party.

Invite over your writing friends, serve tea (or a stronger elixir that has been known to increase courage) and take turns reading aloud your writing. Set up rules in advance as to how people should respond - but nix any constructive criticism for the evening. This is all about celebrating each other, not about collecting editing advice.


Your action step for today is obvious: pick one (or two or all four) and go share your writing!


Ashly HilstComment