WRITER SPOTLIGHT: "The Journey of Your Words" By Sophie Wilkinson

WRITER SPOTLIGHT // The Writer Spotlight segment here on the Ink & Grace blog is dedicated to sharing the words of writers who have nourished, strengthened, and inspired me. I hope these original essays encourage you in your craft and introduce you to new voices who are sharing their stories with beauty, grace, and mess.

This second essay is from Sophie Wilkinson, photographer, dreamer, and a fellow old-soul. She blogs words laced with wisdom and beauty over at Sophie Victoria Writes. You can also find her on Instagram at @simplysophievictoria. I'm beyond delighted to share these raw, encouraging words that speak straight to the heart of why our words are needed desperately.

Essay on Writing - Your Words Are Needed

Words are the fire that ignites our human souls. Or so I have taught myself to think.

Often, it is but that small spark of a story, our story—a powerful idea which seems to ravage our mind—that can only be translated on the written page, bound by passion and bravery.

Sometimes, the only way to improve the future is to learn from the past, even when it comes to crafting words. Whenever you feel like your voice isn't being heard—whenever you find yourself quietly wondering why it is you continue to write—I urge you to remember Anne Frank.  She was a Jewish German forced into hiding by Nazi occupation during the Second World War. Her voice was never heard. Her story was not intended to be told. Her life was tragic, but of little consequence to most.

In her very own words, she states: “Who would ever think that so much went on in the soul of a young girl?”

Anne’s entire legacy is held in a brief diary that she left behind. She was just a little girl who compiled her moments into paragraphs of ink. And, somehow, those words survived. Somehow, that little girl's diary reached intentional hands, which eventually impacted our society in a way she never could have imagined. Somehow, her words were needed. So, please, I encourage you to just write the words, love. Write them raw. Write them fierce. Write them now. One day, we may need them. They will find their way, somehow. Even if they only journey back into your own heart, they have a purpose.

Writing Quote from Sophie Wilkinson

Thomas M. Cirignano once wrote, “Each of us is a book waiting to be written, and that book, if written, results in a person explained.”

There is something about writing that leads to such impassioned discovery. And not merely the way it causes your mind to stream sentences together faster than a swarm of killer bees, each thought moving quickly like a desolation of ignorance, but there is something in the words themselves that have the ability to create clarity of the most complex situations.

Even if your words are weighted with depressed darkness, like those of poet, Sylvia Plath, or your words are too beautiful, filled with a joy that no other individual could possibly feel as deeply, continue to write them. Scratch that pen across the paper in scrawled script, love, clack your keys without care, dedicating your heart to the story that is your own, and it is within that story, that you may also find the very material of your wildfire soul.

My dear, allow your story, your book, your poem, to unfold upon the page, marred with a lack of punctuation, missing the most ideal words. God gave us editors for a reason, so don’t let your words stray in an attempt to achieve perfection. Unearth the story that hides within your beautiful, broken heart.

Your words will find their way to where they belong, they will ride upon the breeze of certainty and follow a path that has yet to be swept out from behind the shadows. Your words matter, and it matters that you write them, so please don't leave them strangled between your empty fingertips. Set your words free, and allow them to loosen the strings of your burdened heart, as they run wildly before you.

Sophie Victoria Writes

About the author...

Sophie Wilkinson is a collector of stories, lover of authentic souls, and obsessive tea-drinker. Home to a wandering heart, and saved by His overwhelming grace. She fiddles with words, searches for solitude in the little things, and seeks to cultivate creativity in her small corner of this world.