Why You Should Build Your Writing Portfolio {Plus some tools to get you started}

Why You Need a Writing Portfolio

Are you actively maintaining and adding to your writing portfolio? If not, you totally should be. Even if you are writing an epic fantasy that is 350,000 words (um, don't write one that long...) you should still be taking breaks to add on to and develop your writing portfolio.

How exactly can you build a writing portfolio? Try any (or all) of these:

  • Blogging/guest blogging

  • Writing shorter pieces related to the genre of your larger project

  • Submitting your work (essays, short stories, poetry) to magazines or websites

  • Trying new genres and smaller side projects

For ideas on where to submit, check out this helpful article that links a few articles with submission lists, my Pinterest board, and if you want to make a fancy online portfolio (or just corral all your various guest posts and online essays), check out this article.

Why make a portfolio?

1. It fights the gremlins. It's a growing list of people who wanted you to write for them. It's proof that you aren't just trying to be a writer, you already are.

2. It is much easier to start building a portfolio now then in five years when an agent/editor/publishing house/potential employer asks you for one (and you suddenly realize how many random posts you have strewn across the internet).

3. It's like the grownup version of making your own homemade (hopefully more sophisticated) cover and stapling your book together. It's fun. And you get to point to it and say "I made dis!"

4. It keeps you writing. It's just insanely inspiring to get your words out into the world. Something about it makes you want to keep writing.

Okay, go knock ‘em dead!


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