Ask a Book Coach: How to Start Writing Your Novel

Welcome to my Ask a Book Coach blog series! If you ever wanted to pick the brain of a book coach, this series is for you. In this series, I’m sharing the answers to the tough, fun, and sometimes random questions I get from my writers.
This week we are tackling the question:

Hey, Ashly! I want to write a novel, and I have a great idea, but I have no idea where to begin! Where do I start?

So glad you asked!

Ask a Book Coach: How to Start Writing Your Novel

There are a lot of places you can start, but I’ve found these three exercises to be the most important and the most foundational. Start with these three and your story will be well on it's way!

Step One: Figure out your why and your point

Answer these questions:

  • Why do you want to write this book/tell this story?

  • What point do you want to make?

This might seem obvious or like busywork, but it absolutely isn’t. This is one of the most important steps you can take: Get clear on why you want to write this story and what point you want to make. This will keep you focused and help you sort out what belongs in your story and what doesn’t. It will also keep you going when the going gets rough.

Pro Tip 1: Your point will probably sound cliche. It might be something like “love conquers all” or “Strength comes from inside” etc… This is completely fine! By the time your story is done, your theme will be more elegant and unique. Start with the simple, cliche, universal truths and trust the process.

Pro Tip 2: Make sure to dig deep with your why. For more on this, read this blog post by Jennie Nash.

Step Two: Write a novel overview

A novel overview is basically just a long, detailed story summary. Here’s how to do it:

  • Brain dump all you know about your book

  • Look at what you wrote and make sure that it’s connected to your point. (e.g. Is your point that love conquers all? Make sure the plot and character you are writing about are going to make that point.) Tweak as needed.

  • Next, dig for more specifics (but don’t get too carried away or stress out--have fun with it). What does this mean? Say you wrote “My main character Natalie has some daddy issues.” Great! What kind of daddy issues? Look for any vague language and make it more specific. Some specifics you won’t know yet. But by digging a bit into specifics, your story starts to take shape—and specifics always beget more specifics!

Step Three: Figure out your main character

The three most important core parts of story are character, conflict, and theme. We already addressed theme (that’s your point!). Now it’s time to address character and the very individualized conflict your character will go through. Begin by answering these questions:

  • What is your character’s driving desire/goal during the course of the novel?

  • Why do they want it?

  • What is standing in their way externally?

  • What is standing in their way internally? (fear/misbelief)

Pro Tip : Make sure the character’s internal struggle and ultimate resolution of that struggle will make the point that you want to make with your story.

Pro Tip 2: For more about building a misbelief for your character, check out Lisa Cron’s book Story Genius.

And that’s it! Those are the three steps I coach my writers through when they are starting their novels! One last note:

Remember that novels are written in layers.

You don’t have to get these steps perfect before you move on. This is a path forward and you can revisit these as often as you need to. I revised my what if and character misbelief several times as I wrote. In fact, as I revise I’m fine tuning it even further. Words are hard, stories are hard, but trust the process. Trust that even when words fail you and the misbelief is a little off and the driving desire doesn’t match up once you start writing that your story is still getting out there and taking the shape it’s meant to take.


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Ask a Book Coach: How to Start Writing Your Novel
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