What if my manuscript isn’t finished?

Send it on over! You don’t need a finished book. That’s one of my goals here - to get you across that elusive finish line. Even if you have half a manuscript and you’re just stuck, we can work with what you have.

Do your packages include copyediting?

No, they do not. My revision packages focus on big picture story development.

I’m not really a writer, but I’m writing a book. Can you help?

Um, yes! But first, do you want to know a secret? Tons of writers don’t think they are “really” writers. I’m pretty sure there is a secret society that bestows the title of writer on a few worthies. Meanwhile, I’m right there with you - most days I still wonder if I’m actually a writer. It’s strange.

I’m writing a nonfiction book. Is that your thing or do you only work with fiction?

Yes, it’s my thing. Words are my thing. ALL THE WORDS.

I’m an entrepreneur who is writing an ebook for my business. Is that something you can help with?

Yep, send it on over. Let's do this.


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