Finish Your Draft

Do you ever...

  • Wonder if your writing is any good

  • Wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of

  • Feel insecure about your writing dreams and maybe even guilty (or crazy) for pursuing your writing dreams

  • Feel isolated and alone as a writer

  • Struggle to prioritize your writing

  • Struggle to find time to write

  • Struggle to make consistent progress on your WIP

Well, kiss that nonsense goodbye.


Introducing Drafted: A Group Coaching Experience

A six-month group coaching experience that helps you:

- Finish your first draft or a revision of a draft

- Create a writing habit with both daily and weekly accountability

- Be surrounded by other writers who get the writing life and are invested in you

- Get feedback on your writing so you have direction and confidence in your story


- 30-minutes per week of flexible feedback on your writing from a certified book coach so you feel confident about the direction your story is taking. (Flexible feedback means you can send in pages for edits, schedule a writing chat, or book a brainstorm with me, depending on your needs each week.)

- Six months of accountability in the form of weekly writing deadlines (with an assigned writing partner to hold you accountable, PLUS I will be checking in on you regularly)

- A goal setting/planning calendar for the six months so you know what you are working on and can make sure to meet your writing deadlines PLUS get feedback on your goal setting so you know if your goals are measurable and are setting you up for success

- Perspective on your writing and direction on what to work on in the form of a personal 1:1 hour long coaching call at the beginning of the program to set you up for the next six months (includes a review of a writing sample)

- Three brainstorming sessions (via conference call) with myself and the other writers in the group for support, questions, and ideas that help you think outside of the box

- Access to a small, private Facebook group for daily, personal support from myself and other writers in the group

- Access to brainstorming partners as you draft so you can get past any writing hiccups and self-doubt storms quickly

PLUS! Get These awesome extras:

- Anyone who signs up for Drafted before 12/31/2018 gets the Build Your Writing Life course for FREE—so you can learn to defeat your inner critic, find time to write, and make a solid writing plan (click here to learn  more about it)

- Volunteer your weekly writing to be edited for the benefit of the group (completely optional, but a great way to get feedback fo’ free!)

- Weekly teaching videos with lessons created specifically for your group so you have take aways relevant to where you are in your own draft

- Get access to a group document where you can share your writing for feedback from the other writers in the group

Drafted will launch in 2019.

Meet Your Coach!


Hey! I'm Ashly. I spend my time with my hair in a messy bun, chasing a rambunctious four-year-old, and writing in miraculous minutes that I mined like precious jewels from my day.

I'm an Author Accelerator certified book coach and I've been teaching writing in one form or another for four years. I guess it started with reading Dickens at the tender age of twelve, writing my first novella at ten (it was um, self-published...with a stapler...and a homemade cover...).

Stories followed me through college when I got my BA in English Literature and into my career teaching high school English and through my transition into freelance writing and editing. 

I love what I do because I get to fall in love with your story AND help you make it even more amazing. My coaching style is direct and affirming. I want you to be encouraged not discouraged, but I also never say something is working when it isn’t.

Your Investment?

A one-time payment of $1447




Drafted will launch in MId 2019.

If you are interested, make sure you are on the interest list so you are the first to know when it launches!