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Suggested reads

Websites and Blogs

  • Writing With Grace - Ann Swindell is a published Christian author who has a wonderful blog, but she also offers live writing courses. Currently, she is offering a workshop that walks you through the book proposal process (it looks amazing!).

  • DIY MFA - Articles, a podcast, and a writer igniter that auto-generates a unique writing prompt. It's amazing.

  • The Write Life - a website with information on blogging, publishing, marketing and earning money for your writing, as well as articles on learning more about the craft of writing

  • Writer's Digest - a website with thousands of articles about craft, publishing, etc...; this website also offers contests, editing and story coaching, a shop with lots of goodies, etc... It's basically a gold mine. Don't get lost in there!

  • The Writers' Collective - In their own words: "An online community created to help authors sharpen their skills and achieve their dreams." Nuff said.

  • Nathan Bransford's Blog - Nathan Bransford was a literary agent before he became a middle grade author. His blog is FULL of writing tips and tricks as well as behind-the-scenes info about the publishing world. Top posts include "How to Write a Query Letter" and "How to Find a Literary Agent" - and there are tons more!

  • The Ink & Grace Pinterest account is full of articles, websites, and inspiration to help you on your writing journey. I'm super picky about what I post and only post stuff that I've checked out for myself - I also avoid a lot of the click-bait writer articles and the how-to articles that are more fluffy than helpful ("5 Ways to End Your Novel" etc...).

  • The Write Practice - Articles, programs, tutorials, and a membership community ($15/month) all about putting writing into practice. They also have seasonal writing contests, where for a fair price you can receive the judges' feedback on your short story and you will always be published (unless you opt-out) on the website they partner with. Within the community itself you can post a short story a week in the assigned forum and you will receive positive, constructive feedback from fellow writers.

  • Helping Writers Become Authors - K.M. Weiland hosts this super helpful website with useable (non-fluff) articles and resources for how to write a story, including tools like workbooks, etc... She also has a personal blog you can check out.


  • Tin House Writer's Workshop - Tin House is a literary magazine and small publisher in Portland Oregon. To attend their workshops, you must submit a manuscript which is reviewed by an editorial board.

  • Writing With Grace offers various workshops. See the website for more info.


Writing Communities

  • Become an Inkling - Sign up to join the Ink & Grace tribe and get a monthly toolkit, free worksheets, and pints at the pub (well, if you live in Portland. Otherwise this will have to be metaphorical for great writer friendship).

  • Hope*Writers - A membership-based community for writers (they have a monthly fee). They also have a podcast!

  • Lit Reactor - Described as "an interactive online community where writers improve their craft and readers celebrate their love for literature," this community offers classes, writing workshops, discussion forums, a magazine, and writing competitions.

  • Ninja Writers - A writing community with Shaunta Grimes. She's a superstar and takes care of her writing community. If you sign up for her email list, she will send the Ninja Writers Secret Weapon (which is proven to help get you writing regularly).

  • Inked Voices - Want to join a writer's group but don't have access to one? Look no further. Inked Voices has writing groups for you to join with an innovative submission and critique process to facilitate writer's groups who can't meet and swap pages in real life. They offer a free 14-day trial and monthly pricing is $10 (discount if you buy a year all at once).






Worksheets, Printables, and Downloads

  • Sign up here to get access to the Inkling Secret Library with FREE downloadable worksheets and printable made just for you.

  • Cozy Writer's Room - Printables (free via the newsletter to subscribers) to "inspire room in your life for writing." One of them is all about creating your writing space. Very fun!


Submitting your writing

  • Submittable - is a submission system for magazines, blogs, etc... but you can also search for places to submit your work. They have opportunities for a wide variety of subjects and include fiction and nonfiction. Sign up for a free account at

  • Art Stew 52 - The Art Stew community is precious and rare, full of artists who are there to support one another. Though a magazine has been rumored to be in the works, the most important and special part of this community is just sharing your work and cheering each other on. There is an active Facebook group, and lots of interaction on Instagram, as well as a new website. Most writers share their writing/blogs/stories with the group via either the Facebook group or with a bio link in Instagram.

  • Beyond Your Blog - A website devoted to helping bloggers get published outside of their personal blog (in case you couldn't guess that from the title). You can scroll through the long list or click on a category (food, social issues, parenting, etc...). I found at least three or four websites/online magazines that I'd love to write for that I'd never even heard of before.

  • Narrative Magazine - An online magazine that accepts a wide variety of fiction/nonfiction. They charge for unsolicited submissions, but they pay for the pieces they choose to publish.

  • The Write Life - A fantastic website geared towards supporting writers. Their "Get Published" articles range in topic, but many of them list places where you can get published, along with details about submitting (i.e. "Get Paid to Write Articles: 10 Magazines that pay $500 or More").

  • Literary Mama and Coffee and Crumbs are both fabulous mom blogs that periodically accept submissions.

  • Catapult - Catapult is "an innovative publisher that celebrates extraordinary storytelling. We promote American and international fiction and narrative nonfiction that is insightful, stirring, and surprising by way of unique voices—whether emerging or established—that honor the craft of writing... Currently, we welcome nonfiction for our online magazine. While we publish pieces that are anywhere from 500 to 6000 words long, a typical piece has around 2500 words."



  • Blog Topic Generator - Hubspot's blog topic generator asks you to enter three nouns and presto! delivers ideas for your next blog post.

  • 5 Free Blog Post Templates - Hubspot again. All you need to do is supply basic info like your name, email, business, and website.

  • Death to Stock Photos - Death to Stock sends free photo packs to your inbox monthly. The photos are beautiful and high quality. Use them on your blog, social media graphics, or for writing inspiration.

  • Listly - List lovers beware. Listly is a social way to make lists. Basically if you are writing a listicle and are stumped for ideas you can post it to Listly and other people will give you suggestions.

  • Unsplash - High-res, free-to-use photos? All you need to do is sign up for a free account with Unsplash and then use their search function to find the perfect image for your blog, Instagram, or social media graphics. No tagging or credit required (though it is appreciated). Seriously. I'm swooning over here.

  • Google Adwords Planner - SEO got you down? Google changed the algorithm again? No worries. Use this planner to find keyword trends for your topic.


Freelance Writing Resources

The Business Side of Writing (Author Platform, Book Launches, etc…)

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