Revise Your Story

Hooray! You finished your first draft! Cue the confetti!

...Now what?

Of course you know what comes next: Revision. Everyone said drafting is the hard part but the more you think about diving back into your story, the more you wonder...

  • What if I read it and it’s total crap?

  • What if it isn’t total crap, but then I revise it and make it worse?

  • What if I reread my draft and just have no idea what to do to make it better?

  • What if I start revising and then get stuck, halfway through, like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car?

Here’s a better idea: What if you confidently revise your draft knowing exactly what needs to be fixed AND how to fix it?

Yes please!


Introducing Revise Your Story…

…a book coaching package designed to support you in your revision so you can take your good story and make it an exceptional story.

Instead of spending your precious writing hours worrying over word choice, agonizing over dialogue and chewing off your nails wondering if you can check Chapter One off your revision list yet, why not get a fresh helping of perspective and the helpful advice of a mentor who can:

  • Cut through your self doubt with a machete and show you the sparks of genius in your words

  • Point out where your story isn’t working and give you suggestions about how to fix it

  • Give you clear direction on your revision so you can be confident that your revision is taking your good story and making it an exceptional story

Working with me on your revision is like working with a tough-love writing bestie who not only loves your story but sees exactly where it is going wrong and how you could fix it.

We will chat over coffee (or wine!) about the strengths and weaknesses in your manuscript that you see, then I will add detailed comments throughout your manuscript and give you a revision guide that spells out what to focus on and how you can make your story one that grips the reader from start to finish. What you get back from me? A big fat document of insight, encouragement, brainstorming, weak spots, and troubleshooting--all specific to YOUR story.

Here’s what you get with all Revise Your Story packages:

  • Feedback on your draft, so you can stop second guessing yourself and begin your revision confidently.

  • Analysis of big picture story elements, so you know what’s working in your story and what isn’t.

  • Suggestions on what to focus on during your revision, so you use your energy wisely and don’t waste precious writing time revising scenes that later get cut from your manuscript..

  • Accountability during your revision, so you can make progress and get help when you are stuck..

Meet Your Coach!


Hey! I'm Ashly. I spend my time with my hair in a messy bun, chasing a rambunctious four-year-old, and writing in miraculous minutes that I mined like precious jewels from my day.

I'm an Author Accelerator certified book coach and I've been teaching writing in one form or another for four years. I guess it started with reading Dickens at the tender age of twelve, writing my first novella at ten (it was um, self-published...with a stapler...and a homemade cover...).

Stories followed me through college when I got my BA in English Literature and into my career teaching high school English and through my transition into freelance writing and editing. 

I love what I do because I get to fall in love with your story AND help you make it even more amazing. My coaching style is direct and affirming. I want you to be encouraged not discouraged, but I also never say something is working when it isn’t.


Step 1

Contact me and set up a FREE 30 minute consultation so we can select the revision package that fits your needs.

Step 2

I will set up all the deadline/invoice/contract stuff. You send me your beautiful manuscript.

Step 3

You get your feedback wrapped up in a pretty bow (actually it’s wrapped up in an editing summary that gives direction on your revision, encouragement on what’s totally working in your story, and guidance on what still needs work).

Ashly’s feedback was the kind of talking I try to use with myself: clear input about areas of weakness and how to address them, sandwiched between affirmation and praise.
— Stephanie Ascough - Fantasy Writer