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Announcing Six Months to Novel

An immersive SIX-MONTH Group Coaching experience where you can finally...

- Finish your first draft or a revision of a draft

- Create a writing habit with both daily and weekly accountability 

- Be surrounded by other writers who get it and are invested in you and your story

- Get feedback on your writing so you have direction and confidence in your story

If you...

  • Wonder if your writing is any good

  • Wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of

  • Feel insecure about your writing dreams and maybe even guilty (or crazy) for pursuing your writing dreams

  • Feel isolated and alone as a writer

  • Struggle to prioritize your writing

  • Struggle to find time to write

  • Struggle to make consistent progress on your WIP

...Then this writing experience is for you.

What you get:

- Access to a small, private Facebook group for daily, personal support from myself and other writers in the group

- Six months of accountability in the form of weekly writing deadlines (with an assigned writing partner to hold you accountable, PLUS I will be checking in on you regularly)

- A goal setting/planning calendar for the six months so you know what you are working on and can make sure to meet your writing deadlines PLUS get feedback on your goal setting so you know if your goals are measurable and are setting you up for success

- Access to the Build Your Writing Life course so you can learn to defeat your inner critic, find time to write, and make a solid writing plan (click here to learn  more about it)

- Access to brainstorming partners as you draft so you can get past any writing hiccups and self-doubt storms quickly

- Perspective on your writing and direction on what to work on in the form of a personal 1:1 hour long coaching call at the beginning of the program to set you up for the next six months (includes a review of a writing sample)

- Three brainstorming sessions (via conference call) with myself and the other writers in the group for support, questions, and ideas that help you think outside of the box

- Build valuable relationships with other writers who get what writing life is like, can support you, encourage you, and give you outside perspective on your writing

- Monthly feedback on your writing from a certified book coach so you feel confident on the direction your story is taking (includes a feedback summary to guide you on the big picture elements of your WIP)

- Volunteer your weekly writing to be edited for the benefit of the group (completely optional, but a great way to get feedback fo’ free!)

- Weekly teaching videos that feature feedback on your peer's story with lessons you can take away and apply to your own writing

- Get access to a group document where you can share your writing for feedback from the other writers in the group


by the end of the six months, you will have a COMPLETED draft or revision. Finally.

Your investment is only

A one-time payment of $1447 or $250/month

Optional Add-Ons:

  • MS eval at the end or the beginning of group for only $350 ($600 value)

  • Feedback on your writing every week for only $600 ($1200 value)

To get on the interest list, click here. The next group is launching in early 2019 (just in time to get your new year's resolution to write more off to a great start!). Each group will be limited to 4-6 writers MAX to get you the most benefit possible.

Groups will be filled based on an application process to make sure that you are getting support from like-minded writers.

Hooray! You finished your first draft! Cue the confetti!

And...Now what?

Of course you know what comes next: Revision. Everyone said drafting is the hard part but the more you think about diving back into your story, the more you wonder...

  • What if I read it and it’s total crap?

  • What if it isn’t total crap, but then I revise it and make it worse?

  • What if I reread my draft and just have no idea what to do to make it better?

  • What if I start revising and then get stuck, halfway through, like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car?


Or, what if you confidently revise your draft knowing exactly what needs to be fixed AND how to fix it?

Yes please!

Instead of spending your precious writing hours worrying over word choice, agonizing over dialogue and chewing off your nails wondering if you can check Chapter One off your revision list yet , why not get a fresh helping of perspective and the helpful advice of a mentor who can

  • Cut through your self doubt with a machete and show you the sparks of genius in your words

  • Point out where your story isn’t working and give you suggestions about how to fix it

  • Give you clear direction on your revision so you can be confident that your revision is taking your good story and making it an exceptional story

Introducing Revise Your Story, a book coaching package designed to support you in your revision so you can take your good story and make it an exceptional story.


Working with me on your revision is like working with a tough-love writing bestie who not only loves your story but sees exactly where it is going wrong and how you could fix it. We will chat over coffee (or wine!) about the strengths and weaknesses in your manuscript that you see, then I will add detailed comments throughout your manuscript and give you a revision guide that spells out what to focus on and how you can make your story one that grips the reader from start to finish. What you get back from me? A big fat document of insight, encouragement, brainstorming, weak spots, and troubleshooting--all specific to YOUR story.


Here’s what you get with the Revise Your Story package:

  • Feedback on your draft, so you can stop second guessing yourself and begin your revision confidently.

  • Analysis of big picture story elements, so you know what’s working in your story and what isn’t.

  • Suggestions on what to focus on during your revision, so you use your energy wisely and don’t waste precious writing time revising scenes that later get cut from your manuscript..

  • Accountability during your revision, so you can make progress and get help when you are stuck..

How does it work?

Step 1: Contact me and set up a FREE 30 minute consultation so we can select the Revision package that fits your needs.

Step 2: I will set up all the deadline/invoice/contract stuff. You send me your beautiful manuscript.

Step 3: You get your feedback wrapped up in a pretty bow (actually it’s wrapped up in an editing summary that gives direction on your revision, encouragement on what’s totally working in your story, and guidance on what still needs work).

“Ashly’s feedback was the kind of talking I try to use with myself: clear input about areas of weakness and how to address them, sandwiched between affirmation and praise.”
— Stephanie Ascough - Fantasy Writer

Package options


Option One

Full manuscript revision. Get feedback and an editing summary so you can confidently complete your revision on your own.


Most Popular!

Option Two

Full manuscript revision + weekly support. Get feedback and an editing summary so you know where to start on your revision. Send in 10 revised pages/week for 12 weeks and get feedback as you revise. (This version ends up getting you through about three revisions at once.)


Best Deal!

Option Three

Weekly revision support. Send in 10 revised pages/week and get feedback as you revise.


And just who am I?

Ashly Hilst Book Coach

I’m Ashly and I’m a book coach. Some people call me a story midwife, and hey, I think that’s a pretty accurate title because I work with writers who want to bring extraordinary stories to life, but can’t bring it into the world alone.

I give them the tools to tell a story that is wonderful, exceptional, and compelling, along with a heavy dose of encouragement and a one-two punch to their inner critic (but then we sit their inner critic in the corner and give it a snack so it won’t be sad). Then I give them the feedback they need on their story--not the stuff they want to hear, the stuff they need to hear to make their story GREAT.

Here’s my street cred:

  • I have a BA in English from the University of Arizona with a focus in literature.

  • I’ve been working as a book coach for over a year (for paying clients, not my friends and family. Though I love my friends and family, they are a bit biased...Hi guys! Love you, mom!).

  • I have four years of experience teaching high school English (two of which included upper level courses and AP training), which gave me TONS of experience providing feedback to writers in a way that was encouraging and inspiring--but also effective.

  • I’m an Author Accelerator certified book coach.

  • I’m part of the exclusive team of coaches  over at Author Accelerator (that means I had to take THREE different tests that prove I know how to give feedback, how stories work, and how to help a writer improve their work -- and that was just to get an interview with them! Trust me when I say they only hire the best. I know that’s tooting my own horn --ahem, pardon me--but it’s also just the truth).