Molly Brumfield


When I first decided to hire an editor, I was so eager to get feedback from someone outside of my circle - someone who wouldn't feel compelled to tell me what they would think I'd want to hear. Of course, I was also afraid that I’d find out from said person that I had pointed myself in the wrong direction.

Working with Ashly was great because I could tell she really understands and cares about what it feels like to be a writer struggling to actually write. Right away, I connected with the content she shared on her website about the inner critic, not waiting to develop a writing practice, and the importance of believing in our unique stories.

Since Ashly edited my picture book manuscripts, I feel like I have a solid set of next steps that I can begin working on to improve my drafts, and then continue toward publishing.

I recommend working with Ashly because she was enthusiastic, easy to communicate with, and delivered feedback that was truly valuable to moving me forward. I felt that Ashly cared about me, my stories, and my voice. She was encouraging and positive, and also honest, constructive, and direct. I feel reinvigorated to pursue my writing goals after having received such helpful feedback from Ashly.

Stephanie Ascough

Fantasy Writer

Before I worked with Ashly on my fantasy novel manuscript, I felt confused about my plot and unsure of where to start my revisions. Though I was initially afraid that I wouldn’t be able to afford the services of an editor, I decided to pursue it anyway. I hired Ashly because I knew she was a skilled editor and all around amazing person! 

Ashly’s feedback was the kind of talking I try to use with myself: clear input about areas of weakness and how to address them, sandwiched between affirmation and praise. She was also easy to communicate with! 

I’m so glad I worked with Ashly because she clarified some muddy issues for me which tied up the whole manuscript on exactly what I needed. She was fun and helpful to brainstorm with as well. She did what I needed most for my story, helping me patch things up without taking over, giving me better tools and another approach to work with—and her pricing was perfectly reasonable! 

My novel looks more like a whole story now and I’m excited about finishing this next draft!

Leighann Penn

Fantasy Writer

Before I hired Ashly to edit the first twenty pages of my manuscript, I felt nervous about writing a novel—and nervous about sharing my work with someone. After reading Ashly’s blog and several of her posts, I felt like she would be a good fit for my work and my personality.

Ashly was so encouraging and positive about writing. She understands my target audience and was a positive voice of encouragement. After I received her feedback I was able to follow her tips and suggestions and continue them throughout my work going forward. Now I’m so excited to finish my novel and have the entire work edited!

Before I hired Ashly to edit my manuscript, I felt disorganized and overwhelmed with the task of completing my book. A good friend who I trust recommended Ashly’s services—and when Ashly and I spoke for the first time I recognized that working together would be a great partnership. 

Thanks to Ashly, I went from a disorganized manuscript to a cohesive first draft. Ashly provided excellent support and honest, constructive feedback. She was always nimble in her offerings and adjusted her services along the way to fit my developing needs. 

Working with Ashly pushed me to be a better writer and enabled me to reach my goal of finishing the first draft of my book by the end of 2017. Thanks to Ashly, I hope to have the final draft completed in the next six months!

Alyssa DeRose

Nonfiction Writer

Sarah Funk

Author of How to Start a Flower Farm

I can't even begin to say how amazing working with Ashly has been! My book wasn't more than an idea on 30 pages, I had no idea what to do to make it better, and I felt completely overwhelmed at the thought of actually finishing it. 

Four months ago I told my husband my book wasn't happening: I just couldn't do it. Today, I have almost 600 people on my book launch team. 

Ashly is the one who made that happen. 

And the best part? Ashly didn't come in and tell me exactly WHAT to write, instead she taught me how to WRITE:

-she helped me clarify my vision
-she encouraged me and helped me validate my ideas
-and she showed me how to polish my writing and make it clear

Wherever you are in the process of writing your book, you need to contact Ashly. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Elise Holland 

Editor and Founder of 2 Elizabeths Literary Magazine

Before I hired Ashly, I felt overwhelmed. I was compiling an anthology for my literary magazine and was in desperate need of editing help! Ashly stepping in and was amazing. She’s thorough and she cared about the book the way I did. It was such a relief.

Now that the anthology is complete, I’m confident the book is clean of errors and the product is one that I’m proud of. Going forward, I’m eager to work with Ashly on future editions. She is both incredibly professional and incredibly sweet — I wish we lived closed in proximity so could chat over coffee!