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Writing Accountability and Coaching Program

You want to write, but somehow never find the time. You are beginning to fear that unless you start acting like a writer (you know, like actually writing every once in awhile) your cherished dream of becoming an author will never happen. Enter the Ink & Grace Writing Accountability and Coaching Program - a 6-week course designed to help you create a writing practice that works for you, give you weekly feedback on your writing, and help you grow as a writer.

Resource LIbrary

I carefully curate the resources added to the Ink & Grace library so you can rest assured knowing the resources here are useful - and very often free. Pinky promise.


Build A Writing Habit Online Course

Coming summer 2018!

Overcome your excuses and start writing regularly - for real this time. Join me as I walk you through a step-by-step process to:

- Find time in your schedule to actually write (without making yourself miserable by waking up at 5 in the morning)

- Overcome the inner critic that degrades and demoralizes you every time you write

- Create a writing practice that is about more than just sitting down and plugging out words until you hit a certain word count

- Discover tools and resources that transform your writing from chore to self-care